We are developing a team of 4 small mobile humanoid robots that possess a novel combination of mobility, moderate dexterity, and human-centric communication and interaction abilities. Our collaborators include
Xitome Design and UMASS Amherst. We refer to this class of robots as "MDS" for Mobile/Dexterous/Social. Completion is targeted for fall 2007.

The purpose of this platform is to support research and education goals in human-robot interaction, teaming, and social learning. In particular, the small footprint of the robot (roughly the size of a 3 year old child) allows multiple robots to operate safely within a typical laboratory floor space. MIT is responsible for the overall design, the mobile manipulator is developed by UMASS Amherst, and system integration is handled by
Xitome Design.

This project is funded in part by an ONR DURIP Award "Mobile, Dexterous, Social Robots to Support Complex Human-Robot Teamwork in Uncertain Environments", Award Number N00014-06-0516. It is also funded in part by a Microsoft Research Grant.